Alimak Hek at Euro Mine Expo in Skellefteå


The Alimak rack and pinion elevator is the perfect solution for underground as well as aboveground mining industry applications, such as pelletizing plants, smelters, concentrators, crushers, and other ore processing plants.

Alimak Hek at Euro Mine Expo in Skellefteå

Since the introduction of the Raise Climber in 1957, the ‘Alimak Method’ has been used to drive more shafts and raises than any other raise climber system, increasing mining productivity and raising industry safety standards. With Raise Climber now sold exclusively through Arkbro Industries, Alimak Hek’s focus today is on industrial elevator solutions.

Following the first underground elevator installation in the early 1960s, mining is now at the heart of Alimak Hek’s business, with thousands of above and below ground mining elevators delivered worldwide.

Recent installations include:

  • Seven elevators for Northland Resources, Kaunisvaara, Sweden
  • Five elevators for Boliden, Garpenberg 2.5, Sweden
  • One elevator for Boliden Rönnskär, Sweden
  • Three elevators for Crushing Services International, Christmas Creek Mine, Australia


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Euro Mine Expo
International Trade Fair & Conference Skellefteå, Sweden June 10-12 2014

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