Alimak Hek renew Achilles JQS Qualification


Sweden-based elevator manufacturer, Alimak Hek AB, are pleased to announce they have renewed their Achilles JQS qualification until Apr 16, 2015.

Alimak Hek renew Achilles JQS Qualification

Alimak Hek AB has been an approved supplier through Achilles, a Norwegian prequalification system for major oil & gas related companies, since 1998.

The registration with Achilles JQS underlines Alimak Hek Group’s strategy of retaining the position as preferred supplier of rack and pinion elevator solutions within the oil & gas industry.

Since Alimak Hek first entered the oil & gas market in 1974, over a thousand elevators have been delivered to the industry worldwide.

For more information about Alimak Hek’s Oil & Gas related services, please contact the company’s global Oil & Gas Segment Manager, Mr. Mats Hedlund, E-mail: